Thursday, January 26, 2023

One for the scrap heap


I haven't felt much like sewing lately.  I do have a chronic auto-immune disease that has me feeling pretty much out of gas lately and there is probably a surgery in my future that will help a lot.  But I have been messing around drafting new patterns, probably a dozen at least.  So I had a burst of energy yesterday and decided to try one.  This just shows that things that work on paper don't always work in real life.  It should have worked but the dart points are too high, the waist is too short, and it won't close in the back.  This after spending several hours and setting in four sleeves.  Oh, well.  Thank goodness I didn't cut out a skirt.   The question now is do I like it enough to want to do it again.  I still like the idea but I don't think it works with this cotton fabric.  It's a tad too heavy for the gathers.  There is a perfect fabric for it though--the peace silk sold by  

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