Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ruby, my spring loaded dog

This is Ruby, one of my five Boston Terriers, and she is a jumping fool. Check out how she alternates between front paws with every jump. She was doing the same thing three hours after having had a Caesarian section. You can see why I had to special order a new storm door that doesn't have the screen on the bottom.

Week 35-Copper Viking Knit with Kazuri Pendant

When I'm at shows I often work on a piece of Viking knit to keep my hands busy. I ended up with this long piece of copper so I pulled it and pulled it until it bacame a neck chain. I made the end cones with 18 gauge wire wrapped around my round nose pliers. I added a slide made with a Kazuri bead and a large smoky quartz drop. Then I lightly oxidized everything. If you're not familiar with Kazuri beads, they are fair trade beads from Kenya. The company was started in 1975 by Lady Susan Wood, the daughter of two British missionaries. Today they have a factory that offers employment opportunities to single mothers, widows, and people with special needs. They offer good wages, favorable working conditions, child care and health care. Some women are supporting extended families of up to 20 people on what they are able to earn there.

I am now officially caught up!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 34-Netted Pendant

I had some requests to teach a class on this pendant but I had to modify it because the original was soldered. I did a fancier version of it with garnets but decided that it couldn't be done in a three hour class. So I went back to the original and this is the sample that I made with mystic quartz beads-not a really good choice because they don't show up. I also had to make it again because I totally forgot how I did it. :D This measures just a tad over an inch in diameter.

Week 33-Labradorite Earrings

Just some simple earrings that I made from some outstanding labradorite drops from Sapphire Garden. I had a show last weekend and wanted to make up some earrings that feature beautiful stones but still keep them in a reasonable price range.

Week 32?

I've lost track. I've let myself get so behind and I don't even look at the themes anymore. LOL This one borrows an idea from our own Deborah Gray-Wurz. I learned how to make these beaded beads from Mary Dugas from our local bead guild. It's the only thing I know how to bead and, for someone who resisted learning for as long as I did, I had great fun making them. So I combined this one with a section of leftover Viking Knit, some caps, and some large silver beads to make this bangle.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week 31-Rutilated Quartz

I had these pretty golden rutilated quartz drops that I got from Sapphire Garden sitting in storage waiting for an idea. This isn't a brilliant idea but I wanted to keep it uncomplicated to show off the stones. That's my story anyway. :D

Week 30-Cherry Blossoms

A bad case of bronchitis kicked my butt last week but I finally got off the couch and made something Saturday. I had to cut my cherry tree down last year and I miss it so I made these from a wonderful tutorial by Emily Judkins.