Thursday, May 5, 2022

Vintage Replica Lavender Coat and Floral Dress

SOLD   I've continued to sew as my right wrist heals, and the good news is the cast comes off tomorrow!  I will still have to wear a brace but at least I can take that off to take a shower, do the dishes, or scratch an itch.  And type, hopefully.  

This Anne Harper is wearing a replica of a 1957 ruched dress made from cotton lawn with a lightweight rayon coat.  I'm really liking rayon for dolls because of the drapability.  And it was commonly used for fashions of that era.  This dress with ruching in two directions was tricky to replicate but, after doing a couple of muslins, I finally figured it out.  The hat has a matching feather, and the bag is genuine lambskin.

Hoping to get some of these up for sale on Ebay as soon as I can type faster but inquiries are welcome in the meantime. 


Vintage Replica Rose Floral Dress and Bolero for Tonner dolls

Still have the cast on my right wrist so typing is still a bit slow.  Anne Harper is wearing a replica of a vintage 1957 sleeveless dress with matching bolero jacket made from cotton lawn.  Hat is made from silk and loaded with faux flowers.  The pink handbag is faux leather.