Sunday, April 24, 2022

Japanese Lawn 1952 Reproduction Dress for Tonner

One thing I was still able to do with a broken wrist was make new patterns and shop for fabric online, and, boy, did I ever.  My latest obsession is with Japanese fabric, especially prints.  I think this one from Stonemountain Fabrics is beautiful.  It's fully lined in silk/cotton and I chose this one because even though there is a little more hand sewing than the last dress, it also didn't have a lot of complicated pieces to cut out.

Peach Embroidered Lace Dress for Tonner

I've had this pretty length of embroidered lace that I bought from for at least two years but matching it was a problem until I ran across this 35-year-old  cotton jacquard in my old stash of miniatures fabric.  After a lot of searching, I found some silk tissue taffeta to make the cumberbund and clutch.  I chose to make this up because it didn't require a lot of hand sewing or pieces to cut out.  Trying to cut with left-handed scissors is still dogging me.   


Rose Appliqued 1956 Reproduction Suit for Tonner

 So it's been almost 4 weeks since I broke my right wrist.  I couldn't use my  right hand at all for the first two weeks and I was bored silly from not being able to do anything.  After about two and a half weeks, I was able to use some of my fingers, and operate the sewing machine with my left hand.  Fortunately, this suit of rose rayon was already cut out prior to my accident because I just can't get the hang of left-handed scissors.  It still took me four days to make it because it required hand sewing to attach the appliques, sew on buttons and snaps, and make the hat flowers, etc.  And using my right thumb in any way was painful and required frequent breaks.  But I felt great after it was done!