Tuesday, February 13, 2024

1956 Gown and Coat Repro Fashion for Gene

SOLD  Thanks.  I made a version of this outfit about three years ago for Tonner dolls in purple silk.  Since the fabric combination of green silk tissue taffeta and silk blend brocade from the last evening outfit got great reviews, I've recreated this look for Gene in the same fabrics.  

This is the inspiration for the outfit and here is the first dress I made for Tonner.  There was a time when pattern envelopes showed pictures of the pattern pieces.   That helps a lot as you can enlarge them and get the start of the pattern.  Even if it won't fit doll bodies, I can make it work by doing the necessary alterations like opening up the bust, taking in the waist and lengthening the pieces in a couple of places.


I'm beginning to like using zippers in some dresses.  They work best in straighter dresses that have side seams for fitting.  I machine baste the zipper opening closed with the longest machine stitch.  The zipper can then be pinned and sewn in place, and the basting thread pulled out.  The only place I've found that carries the tiny ones in a 12" length is Tamara Casey's Fletcher Pattern Company.  She also sells extra pulls so you can use the remaining zipper tape for another project.  


Thursday, February 1, 2024

Rose Brocade Coat and Spring Green Dress

SOLD  Thanks!  So this is the coat that I had originally made to go with the rose taffeta dress in the previous post but it just didn't work.  The dress was too boufy and it needed a straighter skirt under it.  I decided to go with a spring green silk tissue taffeta with the rose silk taffeta accents.  You can see the sketch that I made in the corner of a crossword puzzle at the end.   The coat is a beautiful silk blend brocade.  It is fully lined in pink silk/cotton.  The coat features a gold metal clasp at the neck.  The dress, also fully lined in matching silk/cotton voile overlaps in the front with a dozen tiny buttons but it actually closes with a back zipper.  The piping along the top and the front drape and bow are rose pink silk tissue taffeta.  

The dress and coat are available for $165 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email me at nwickman@chartermi.net if interested.  

And finally my sketch on the crossword puzzle.  The dress looks surprisingly like the picture I drew. 


Pink Silk Taffeta Gown with Fur Capelet


Zita kind of looks like she's going to prom in this gown.  The dress is rose silk taffeta with a removable tulle overskirt.  This was originally going to go with the brocade coat that will be in my next post.  But the coat just didn't work with the dress.  I still felt like the dress needed an accessory so I came up with the cute little capelet made from Minky Cuddle 3.  The dress is fully lined and has rhinestone, pearl and bead embroidery accents on the bodice.  

The dress and capelet are available for $150.00 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email me at nwickman@chartermi.net if interested.  

Saturday, January 13, 2024

SOLD  Thanks.  I made this dress a while ago for Tonner dolls and decided to rework the pattern for Gene, and I'm really pleased with the result.  This is a new fabric--rayon charmeuse--that I decided to try after running across it on the Mood Fabrics website so see how it compares to silk charmeuse.  It's a smidge heavier but it presses well and has a decent amount of drape.  Compare it to the silk charmeuse one I did for Tonner.  

The orchid dress is lined in silk habotai and has a zipper closure in the back.  There are tons of possibilities for accessorizing this gown.  I just threw on a "fur" stole and some "diamonds" I happened to have.  It does fit Liz as well but it was a tight squeeze getting over her butt.  The gown is available for $130 plus $6 shipping in the US.  (Actually the Tonner gown is available as well.)  Email me at nwickman@chartermi.net if interested.  


Red and Silver Holiday Dress and Coat for Gene

SOLD  Thanks.  I'm sorry I didn't get this posted in time for the holidays because it's a perfect ensemble for the holiday season.  A friend of mine gifted me this red silk shantung that just screamed evening coat.  The silver satin I used for the dress is Robert Kaufman Radiance which is a silk/cotton blend.  The bow and matching clutch are both adorned with rhinestone embellishments.  The dress closes in the back with snaps.  It looks equally elegant on Liz and Zita.  The dress, coat and clutch are available for $150 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email me at nwickman@chartermi.net if interested.  


Party Gown in Teal Silk For Gene Body Dolls


SOLD  Thanks.  I've managed to get a few things done in the last few weeks but I'm so behind in posting.  I finally recovered from the Covid but had daily headaches that lasted for weeks afterward.  I was thrilled when those went away around the beginning of January but then promptly got bronchitis.  That's starting to get better now so I'm playing catchup.  This is a reproduction of a vintage design design (pic at end) done in teal and ecru silk.  I didn't have enough of the teal silk to make a full length skirt so opted for a high-low version which I think works really well.  I may have gone overboard with the ecru tulle ruffle attached to the skirt lining.  Six yards of ruffled tulle was more than I really needed but it does make for a really full skirt.  The dress closes with snaps in the back and there is also an interior ribbon waist tie to help hold up the weight of the dress.  This dress is available for $130 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email me at nwickman@chartermi.net if interested.  

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Vintage Repro in Barbie Pink for Gene or Retro Glam


SOLD  Thanks.  This is a replica of a 50's fashion from the Australian Home Journal that I though was so cute!  (Inspiration pic at end.)  Gene and Liz are both shown modeling this dress.  I like the hat a bit better on Liz because she has a smaller head.   I made it from a bright pink rayon batiste.  The biggest challenge to recreating this dress was figuring out the bodice lining.  The dress has an attached self belt with silver buckle and ruched short sleeves with tiny bows.  Included is a separate matching tulle petticoat to give the hand-hemmed skirt it's fullness.  The picture hat is made from black aida cloth with the edges bound in silk/cotton.  It's adorned with a black silk ribbon tied in a bow with longer streamers.  The dress closes with snaps in the back.  Dress and hat are available for $140 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email me at nwickman@chartermi.net if interested.  And here is the beautiful Liz in the dress.  

I recently bought this beautiful chaise lounge from Winzerdoll.  It's gorgeous but I don't know how useful it will be for photos because the dolls can't really sit upright on it.  But it was fun to play with.  Since I have very limited room in my house, I'm not sure I'll hang onto it.