Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week 29-Coin Pearl Bracelet

A simple girly-girl bracelet this week as I've been too busy decluttering the house and garage to do much else. This is made using sections of purchased chain in between the coin pearls with blue chalcedony and pink amethyst rondelles added.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 27-Copper Viking Knit Bangle

Oops, I'm out of order. I thought I had posted this. When I'm at shows I take along some Viking knit to work on as it's something I can do to pass the time without having to think about it, and it starts conversations with customers. After ending up with about five feet of silver, I switched to copper for obvious reasons. I finally got around to making something with it. This is just a chunky bangle using Greek Mykonos ceramic beads and some Bali style spacers. The pretty rose bronze end caps are from Heather Ferman.

Week 28- Druzy and Amethyst Pendant

Ava's recent postings motivated me to dig out this little piece of druzy that I've had for years. The stone is 15mm X 20mm and it changes color from purple to peacock depending on the viewing angle. I usually wrap with dead soft wire but since I knew I couldn't tumble this I used 22 gauge square half hard instead. I find it frustrating to shape half hard wire around small pieces so I used one of Rick's Bezelforms which helped a lot in getting the the top and bottom joins even. The dangles are amethyst.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Week 26-PITA Pendant

I have no talent for thinking up clever names for my pieces. :) In case you don't know what PITA stands for it's Pain in the A__. But this does remind me a little of a stained glass window. I actually didn't make it this week but I did put the jump ring on so you could say I finished it this week, right? I had thought about making a beaded chain for it, but after making this fiddly pendant, I ran out of motivation. The sides of the soldered square frame measure just under 1 1/4" and I used bunches of little bitty pearls, some iolite beads, and mystic quartz beads in the center.

Week 25-Copper Prolong Knot Cuff

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a two day workshop from Loren Damewood. We finished our silver bracelet by noon so after lunch he gave us some copper wire and let us make another one. I just decided to bling this one up a bit by wiring on some 4mm silver Czech beads. The workshop was a lot of fun and I recommend it if you ever get the chance to take it.