Friday, October 28, 2022

Vintage Reproduction Dress and Jacket for Gene

My client chose a butterfly print in cotton sateen from Spoonflower that, honestly, I was never a fan of, but she has her own visions that often surprise me when they come to life.  She eventually settled on this design for the fabric.  I had to simplify a couple of things due to the heavier weight of the fabric was but able to capture most of it quite nicely.  


Border Print Dress for Gene


This is a commission for Gene Marshall for which the client chose this print from Joann customizable fabrics.  Although the choice of fabrics that work for dolls is very limited, they do allow you to scale the print down to a usable size for dolls.  The client specifically wanted a mandarin collar and preferred that the border continue around the neck so I worked up a raglan sleeve design to achieve that


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Vintaqe Reproduction Bubble Dress for Gene


Another commission for a vintage inspired bubble dress.  I've included the inspiration pic at the end.  The bodice had to be simplified to reduce the number of tucks but I still got a few in.  The fabric came from Joann's new customizable fabric line.  What's great about it is that you can scale down any of their designs to however small you need.  But they don't have a lot of fabric choices that will work for doll clothes.  This is the light weight quilting cotton and it's a much looser weave than lawn so it lacks that silky feel.  Their linens sound a bit heavy going by the ounces per yard.  They do offer a batiste but it's (GASP) polyester.  So the client chose this beautiful hydrangea print and I scaled it down to work for this dress which came out really cute.  

Vintage Reproduction for Gene

 This reproduction of a vintage coat and halter dress was a commission.  Scroll down for the inspiration pic.  The client chose the red plaid tissue taffeta from, and the dress was created from some yellow silk dupioni that I had in my stash.  The coat fastens with a hook and thread loop at the neck.  

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Tiered Ramie Dress for Gene

 So this was the challenge.  My client liked this dress for Gene and I suggested for it a beautiful lightweight ramie floral that I recently bought.  But how to make a flounce that spiraled around the dress and still create an opening in the back was what I struggled to figure out.  I wish I there were a picture of the back of this dress because I honestly don't know how they got the model into it either.  But yesterday I was feeling bionic and decided to tackle it.  It was definitely a construction challenge in that I had to change up my usual methods but I think I got close, and the end result is super cute and fits great even though it's a snug fit getting it over her hips.  

Vintage Reproduction for Gene

This is another commission to reproduce a vintage pattern in a cotton pinstripe fabric from  (Pic at the end.)   I quite like the bodice of this dress although, in spite of measuring, I think the sleeves came out a bit too long.  The skirt has bias pleated panels in the back that were a pain to do but came out pretty well.  The last problem I need to solve is the paint chipping off the belt buckle.  I used Testor's enamel from the hobby shop to paint the buckle a neutral gray color, and it's supposed to work on metal but it isn't.  The belt looks black in the pics but is actually a wine faux leather that matches the stripes.   

Theatre De La Mode for Gene


I wish I had time to talk about the Theatre De La Mode exhibit but, since I don't, do yourself a favor and Google it.  The small scale mannequins and couture fashions are true works of art.  This is a recreation of one (pic at the end) that was originally made in a black and white check.  This one is in green checked silk tissue taffeta from  Since Dianne Wagner of Classic Doll Designs had already done a pattern for this dress, I didn't completely reinvent the wheel.  I did, however, change the bodice by adding a shaped midriff piece to reduce bulk at the waist, and I designed my own belt pattern.  I also found the need to take in the back but that is likely due to our different construction techniques.  I love her version and I love the way mine turned out.  

Red Silk Organza for Gene


This is going to be a quick post blitz today because I'm so far behind.  This dress was a commission to recreate a vintage pattern.  The client chose the fabric from Spoonflower and I used red silk organza as the overlay.  One thing I'm learning about Gene is the limit on how much fabric you can gather into that tiny less than 4" waist,  I also added a red tulle petticoat underneath to hold out the underskirt, and a red silk ribbon at the waist.  Very festive.