Friday, April 26, 2024

Vintage Rose Floral Dress for Gene

Another vintage replica using a very vintage-y looking cotton lawn.  (Inspiration pic at end.)  To me, this fabric, with the roses, captured the feel of the original if not the exact color.  The bodice is shirred on one side with a bit of piping detail and three tiny bows.  The full skirt is about one yard around the bottom and has a built in tulle petticoat to keep it poofy.  This one closes with snaps in the back.  Available for $130 plus $6 boxed shipping in the US.  Email me at if interested.  


Black Lace Vintage Repro for Gene


SOLD  Thanks!  Recently someone in a Gene Facebook group I belong to posted an inspiration pic of a 1953 Sophie of Saks Fifth Ave. dress (see below) stating I need this for Gene!  I was really intrigued by the design.  I just happened to have this piece of black lace from and some cream silk tissue taffeta so spent some time making the pattern.  The original was described as having a skirt studded with bands of sequins and rhinestones. That might have been a little over the top in miniature but I did spend several hours studding the skirt with tiny black sequins and size 15 seed beads before lining it. I do have some little sew-on rhinestones but they stick out from the fabric quite a bit so I only use them in moderation. The skirt has center and side panels as the original did. The belt is a separate piece and the bow ends are incorporated into the belt. I thought that would be the best way to reduce bulk and it worked well. The dress closes in back with snaps and the belt closes with one snap. This will be a OOAK as she no longer has this lace available. Dress is available for $180 plus $6 boxed shipping in the US. Email me at if interested.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Recycled Silk for Gene

 SOLD  Thanks!  This started out as an old silk camisole from my closet and ended up as a darling dress for Gene.  So this is truly OOAK.  It took quite some to take apart the cami.  There was a pintuck section on the top that I wanted to use but had to spend a lot of time removing the lace that was appliqued onto it.  I had to very carefully plan the placement and cut each piece out individually while matching the pattern of the fabric.  In spite of this, I still had to piece one skirt back, but you'll never find it.  I used the pintuck section for the bodice and insets in the skirt.  The original plan was to use the the lace from the bottom of the cami to edge the petticoat but, sadly, it wasn't long enough.  The tie belt is from the cami underbust drawstring.  The hat began as a buckram form that I created on a styrofoam ball and cut to shape.  After I stitched wire to the edge, it was covered with fabric and I bound the edge with a bias binding of the same fabric.  The trim is the insertion lace that held the drawstring.  The dress is fully lined in silk/cotton voile and closes with snaps in the back.  Dress and hat are available for $140 plus $6 boxed shipping in the US.  Email me at if interested.