Sunday, December 17, 2023

Vintage Repro in Barbie Pink for Gene or Retro Glam


SOLD  Thanks.  This is a replica of a 50's fashion from the Australian Home Journal that I though was so cute!  (Inspiration pic at end.)  Gene and Liz are both shown modeling this dress.  I like the hat a bit better on Liz because she has a smaller head.   I made it from a bright pink rayon batiste.  The biggest challenge to recreating this dress was figuring out the bodice lining.  The dress has an attached self belt with silver buckle and ruched short sleeves with tiny bows.  Included is a separate matching tulle petticoat to give the hand-hemmed skirt it's fullness.  The picture hat is made from black aida cloth with the edges bound in silk/cotton.  It's adorned with a black silk ribbon tied in a bow with longer streamers.  The dress closes with snaps in the back.  Dress and hat are available for $140 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email me at if interested.  And here is the beautiful Liz in the dress.  

I recently bought this beautiful chaise lounge from Winzerdoll.  It's gorgeous but I don't know how useful it will be for photos because the dolls can't really sit upright on it.  But it was fun to play with.  Since I have very limited room in my house, I'm not sure I'll hang onto it.  

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Striped Silk Suit for Gene Body

SOLD  Thanks!   I had to take another couple of weeks off from sewing.  I started playing euchre at the local senior center a few weeks ago, and two weeks before Thanksgiving, a superspreader was there and my days of outrunning the 'rona were over.  Thank goodness I had the vaccine in October.  I never had any breathing problems but I still got pretty sick--yes, it was worse than the flu--so, being an immune-compromised person, I hate to think how bad it could have been without the vaccination.  I got pretty dehydrated so Mid Michigan Revive and Restore came to my rescue again.  

So I've always loved this piece of striped silk dupioni I've had in my stash for a while, and I had a small scrap of the contrasting tissue silk taffeta.  So a suit was the obvious choice.  This one has princess seams and I used the stripes in different directions to give it more interest.  Of course, I didn't have any buttons to match so I spent an hour making and attaching tiny covered buttons.  I use little jump rings for the buttons and gather little circles of fabric around them.  It's fiddly and I find it a lot easier to do if you can set the jump ring on the fabric with a tiny dot of tacky glue.  But I couldn't do that with this thin fabric without the glue showing through so a few jump rings ended up flying around the room when I couldn't keep hold of them.  The suit jacket and skirt close with snaps.  The suit is fully lined in gray silk/cotton.  I finished the outfit with a little pillbox hat adorned with a bias band and a bow.  The suit and hat are available for $160 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email me if interested.