Saturday, December 24, 2022

Balmain Inspired Coat and Dress for Gene


SOLD  Thanks!  This outfit is based on a sketch of a 1950's Balmain coat and dress.  For my version, I used a gorgeous print designed by Patricia Lima from Spoonflower.  The strapless dress with a full circle skirt is cotton lawn and the swing coat is cotton sateen.  Everything is fully lined in pink silk/cotton.  The dress closes with snaps in the back.  

Dress and coat are available for $135 plus $6 shipping in the US.  

Vintage Red Winter Suit for Gene


SOLD  I recreated this vintage suit mostly because I loved the hat and wanted to see if I could make it.  (Inspiration pic at end.)  The suit is lightweight wool from but I lined it in a nude color to minimize staining.  The color is Minky Cuddle 3 which has a 3mm pile and is the perfect scale for fur accents on doll fashions. Tiny gold shank buttons over snaps close the jacket in front.   As for the hat, I used a wool blend felt.  I dampened it with Spray & Bond Fabric Stiffener before stretching it over a 2" styrofoam ball.  After securing it with a rubber band, I let it dry overnight.  I was able to bend the edge up and trim it to shape.  The ornament and the brooch on the collar are from the assortment of rhinestone nail art that I've been having a lot of fun with.  

Suit and hat are available for $130 plus $6 shipping in the US.

And since it's Christmas Eve, I used Photo Scissors to stick her in a themed background just for fun.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Vintage Spring Suit for Gene


SOLD Thanks! So what so you do in Michigan on the first day of winter when you're expecting 10-15 inches of snow in the next three days?  Make a spring suit, that's what.  The suit is a reproduction of a vintage design and is made from cotton sateen in a print by Patricia Lima from Spoonflower with a silk crepe de chine collar and bow.  The jacket and skirt are fully lined in matching silk/cotton.  The jacket closes in the front with snaps.  

Available for $110 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email

Monday, December 19, 2022

Dusty Lavender Vintage Inspiration Dress for Gene


SOLD  Thanks!  This dress started as a reproduction of a vintage design.  But some things just don't translate well into miniature and the original design ended up with too much fabric in the bodice when I made a muslin out of it.  So after much cutting and pinning and slashing and taping, I ended up with this bodice which I'm quite happy with.  The skirt with the drapes is really close to the original design.  The fabric is a mauve jacquard dobby weave viscose from Stonemountain fabrics.  The dress is fully lined in matching silk/cotton and closes with snaps in the back.  The jeweled brooch at the waist is a piece of nail art which is sewn on with invisible thread.  

Dress is available for $110.00 plus $6.00 shipping in the US.  SOLD


Friday, December 16, 2022

Vintage Repro Ballet Dancer Summer Dress for Gene


This is a reproduction of a vintage dress that I made once before for Tyler.  I thought I would see if I could work out the Gene sizing for this dress because I thought it was perfect for this lovely cotton lawn fabric with a tiny ballerina print from Selma Cardoso Designs on Spoonflower.  The bodice is detailed with gathers in two different directions, and a tiny bow.  Winter in Michigan won't even officially start for 5 days and I already want to wear this.  

The dress is available for $85.00 plus $6.00 shipping in the US.  Email me at if interested.  

Cheetah and Silk Satin Evening for Gene


Sometimes things work out on the first try and sometimes they don't.  I've had this Michael Miller tiny cheetah print minky fabric for a while and found this beautiful silk satin at Stonemountain Fabrics to match it.  I started out using a commercial pattern-Vogue v312-which I never do.  But I liked the dress and figured it would fit just like it showed on the pattern envelope.  I was wrong.  It just didn't hang right and I ended up scrapping everything but the front of the skirt, which was the detail I liked to begin with.  So I designed a new bodice and cut a new back for the skirt and ended up with a dress that I like.  The dress is fully lined in matching silk/cotton.  The belt is removable and adorned with a tiny rhinestone brooch,  Onto the jacket, I used a pattern I had drafted for a different outfit that the client then decided she didn't want.  The back neck width was too short for this fabric and it also didn't hang right so I had to totally scrap the first jacket I made.  I reworked the neckline and collar and cuffs and got a much better result.  The jacket is lined with blue silk/cotton as well, and closes with a crystal button and thread loop.  Oh, but the pillbox hat turned out great and gave me no problems.  

Then on to picture taking.  It's going to be very gray here in Michigan for the next few months, and the only place I have enough natural light to take pictures is my kitchen counter.  I play around with the ISO to account for it but today I couldn't seem to get a clear, non-blurry picture to save my life.  I probably took 2 dozen shots and these were the only ones usable so enjoy.  

This dress, jacket and hat are available for $160 plus $6 shipping in the US.  Email me at if interested.  

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Coral Silk Charmeuse Cocktail Dress for Gene


SOLD Thanks!  I really like the other pattern I came up with this week.  It's inspired by a vintage wedding gown pattern but I shortened it and took it cocktail.  This dress is made from coral silk charmeuse and fully lined in matching silk habotai.  It features a front drape and the ruched bodice is adorned with a bow and tiny rhinestone brooch.  The dress closes with 5 snaps in the back.  I could see this accessorized with your best furs.  

Dress is available for $150.00 plus $6.00 shipping to the US,  SOLD

Just for fun I tried this on a 16" Fashion Royalty doll and it fits really well although the sleeves are more 3/4 length on her.  

Vintage Inspiration in Japanese Cotton Gene


I spent the last few days making some new patterns and this one was inspired by a vintage wing collar blouse that I decided to turn into a dress.  (See pic at the end.)  I'm a big fan of Japanese cottons so I used a cotton poplin for this dress with a lightweight cotton yoke.  The collar is actually shawl construction in the back, meaning it pivots at the shoulder/neckline point.  It's very fiddly to do so I think if I do this one again, I'll simplify the construction of the yoke.  The dress is fully lined in nude silk/cotton and closes with snaps in the back.  The neckline is adorned with a "silk" flower, and the matching belt is removable and closes with a snap in the back.  I made up a little hat for her just because I think every outfit needs accessories.  

Dress and hat are available for $85.00 plus $6.00 shipping to US.  

I should note that this dress fits Integrity Genes perfectly but the sleeves are a little tight on the Ashton Drakes.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Wedding Dress Replica


An old friend from our horse days visited recently with his family and saw some of my doll creations sitting out on my table.  He asked if I could create a miniature version of his wife, Wendy's, wedding dress for a 16" doll.  Instead of my usual way and stabbing a T pin into the doll's head and hanging her up with invisible thread, I photographed this one on the stand because that's likely how she will be displayed.  The original dress I believe was made from dupioni but I chose a silk shantung that has a similar texture but is lighter weight.  The entire outfit is lined in silk habotai.  The dress is a princess cut in the front and empire waist in the back with lace sleeves.  The sleeveless coat/train has bows on the shoulders and pleats in the back.  I found these miniature daisies for the bouquet from a shop in the UK.  My favorite was the hat though.  I formed it out of crinoline and bound the edge with tissue silk taffeta.  I had the large pink roses in my stash and the small white ones I made from satin ribbon.  Wendy is a beautiful bride in person and in miniature.  (See original pics at end.)