Sunday, August 29, 2021

1956 Vintage Evening Gown and Coat


Continuing with my fascination with vintage fashion, this picture of a 1956 gown and coat was my inspiration for my latest project.  

Diana Prince is wearing my version of the gown made from silk tissue taffeta from Minidolls, another great source for doll sewing fabric and supplies.  I'm not 100% happy with the bodice draping but the fit came out good.  

The coat is made from a silk jacquard from French Fashions and lined in silk habotai from SilkFabric on Etsy.  For the coat I used a pattern from Matisse because the neckline was so beautiful even if there are about a thousand tiny darts.  I left off the waist darts and the cuffs, created facings for it, and made it full length.  I think it turned out stunning.  

A little beaded evening clutch was made out of the coat material.  I bought the necklace from a seller on Ebay, It came with matching earrings but I used my own.  I bought four fancy necklace sets from this seller and they're all so gorgeous, I don't know how she sells them for such a reasonable price.  

I tried something different this time now that I know to fold up this blasted photo cube.  I stuck a T pin in the doll's head (had to use pliers-they have very thick skulls which then led me to wonder how they manage to kill zombies on The Walking Dead with just a knife) and tied invisible thread to it which I then clipped to a dowel suspended from the roof of the cube.  The pin and thread had to be removed in but that wasn't too hard.  It beats picking her up off the floor a dozen times.  


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