Tuesday, February 13, 2024

1956 Gown and Coat Repro Fashion for Gene

SOLD  Thanks.  I made a version of this outfit about three years ago for Tonner dolls in purple silk.  Since the fabric combination of green silk tissue taffeta and silk blend brocade from the last evening outfit got great reviews, I've recreated this look for Gene in the same fabrics.  

This is the inspiration for the outfit and here is the first dress I made for Tonner.  There was a time when pattern envelopes showed pictures of the pattern pieces.   That helps a lot as you can enlarge them and get the start of the pattern.  Even if it won't fit doll bodies, I can make it work by doing the necessary alterations like opening up the bust, taking in the waist and lengthening the pieces in a couple of places.


I'm beginning to like using zippers in some dresses.  They work best in straighter dresses that have side seams for fitting.  I machine baste the zipper opening closed with the longest machine stitch.  The zipper can then be pinned and sewn in place, and the basting thread pulled out.  The only place I've found that carries the tiny ones in a 12" length is Tamara Casey's Fletcher Pattern Company.  She also sells extra pulls so you can use the remaining zipper tape for another project.  


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