Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 20-Copper Tubing Necklace

Trying to play catch-up. The theme for week 20 was Three Feet of Wire and for once I managed to stick with the theme. I ran 16 gauge sterling silver wire through some 1/4" copper tubing which I then beat with a hammer. The spirals were formed and forged with a hammer. Then I spent about two hours dragging out half of my stash to try and figure out what to hang from the bottom. I finally gave up and just attached a vintage skeleton key. I've heard it said that we should charge for our design time but I think charging someone 30 bucks because I can't make up my mind is a little overboard. LOL Someone thought that the key was okay because they bought it at a show already.


  1. Wonderful necklace, Nancy! Love the mixed metals.


  2. Your wire work is outstanding! My compliments \o/


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