Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blogger Troubles

Anyone else having issues with Blogger? Sometime in May I bacame unable to respond to comments on my blog or edit posts. It just kept bumping me back to the Signin page. Their Help page was useless-it told me to clear my cache, make sure cookies were enabled, blah, blah. That was done and I still couldn't log in. It seems they have been aware of this problem since at least May and haven't bothered to fix it. So I decided to download Firefox. I loved it! I had no trouble with my blog, it was faster, and I had my beloved Google toolbar. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the way the Bookmarks worked. Then Firefox told me I needed to update to the new version. If I had only known. Now I can't even log into my blog, and the new version is not compatible with the Google toolbar. So I'm back to square one, having to open IE to post but not able to comment. So any of you who are commenting on my posts, please know that I do appreciate it and I'm not ignoring your comments.


  1. I wasn't able to make comments either. However I went to my sign in page and unticked the box that keeps you signed in (does that make sense). Then I signed out and cleared out all my history and cookies - I did that a couple of times. Then I go back to blogger and sign in - I don't tick the "keep me signed in" box anymore - I just sign in each time. I am now able to make comments without any problem.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Hello :)

    I have also some problems with Blogger and Firefox so I am using Chrome as web browser. You can download it here http://wickwirejewelry.blogspot.com/2011/06/blogger-troubles.html I hope it would help with the issue.
    Warm regards,

  3. Firefox wouldn't let me post....Safari did...but i has issues with blogger using Safari...said i wasn't following any blogs when i was following about 100. I attempted to add a new playlist with firefox today....and couldn't was told there was a problem with blogger. So now I'm posting thru Safari. Can't access SJA or Playlist with Safari. Haven't tried Firefox with SJA yet. *sigh*

  4. Thanks, Monika! You would think Chrome would be compatible. I had to uninstall Firefox because it started freezing up like IE. So I'm back to anonymous posting. :D


  5. I too had this problem for a long time. I searched the forums and came up with a solution that worked for me.

    It was suggested that I unclick the box checked 'stay signed in'..on my google account, or possibly my blog, and/or both. Soon as I unchecked the box my problem of being unable to post to my blog went away.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  6. Thanks, Mary! That's one I haven't tried yet.

  7. I hear you! I've been having problems too, but I can still post, and commenting is much more difficult. UGH!

  8. Thanks, Jane and Mary! That worked!

  9. I find that my comments do not show up. (Then wonder if it was something I said...) It has happened over a period of time in more than one blog. However, I never had problems posting or accessing my blog. I run Firefox and keep it updated. I also run CCleaner and the add on for that in Firefox which cleans out my cookies, history, etc... every time I log out. I run CCleaner because of privacy issues, but you might find that it will help with your issues. You can download CCleaner here:
    Be sure to find, install, and enable the add on in Firefox, which is here:

    Then use the Tools menu in Firefox to enable it.

  10. Thanks, KJ! I'll look at the CCleaner, especially if I decide to give Firefox another try. A day never goes by when IE doesn't freeze up on me and I have to restart my computer.


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