Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 21-Bronze Viking Knit Necklace

The theme for this week had something to do with red. I've been involved in the campaign to recall Rick Snyder so I'm so far behind I don't remember. :D So this is a bronze single Viking knit necklace. The center decoration is wired to the chain. I pictured it in my head as bigger and blingier but I wasn't about to do it over. The centerpiece is keishi pearls with garnets in the center. The spirals are wired with black spinels that have a nystic coating. I first photographed it leaving the wire bright but later decided to oxidize it. That was a good move because that's when it sold. People seem to like patinas lately.


  1. your Viking knits are so beautiful

  2. Nancy, what a beautiful necklace! Very bold but still very delicate.


  3. A beautiful necklace, which is delicate through this flower and elegant through the strong necklet. Regards Senna

  4. Simply stunning! I want to wear one of those.

  5. beautiful necklaces !Can it be bought or its for shows and gallery


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