Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 18-Victorian Key in Bronze

This was made on request from my Victorian Key Pendant tutorial only with bronze wire and silver beads with amethyst gems. It's been so long since I made one I had to get out my own tutorial to do it. :D Since the bronze oxidizes a lot faster than silver, it got very dark in the crevices. I wish I knew of way to remove some of the patina from the bronze without removing it from the silver.


  1. A craftsman once taught me to dip a wet brass brush in a little pumic powder and gently rub on the piece to reduce patina...I have tried it on sopper and brass..may be it could work on Bronze too

  2. I usually solve that problem by preoxidizing my work. Oxidize and polish your frame wire. Than weave with preoxidized weaving wire and preoxidized silver beads. Than polish your weaving and wrapped beads at the end. Your hands will get black but it's worth it.
    Another thing you can try is a brass brush. It definitely gets into the crevices better than a cloth will, but it takes a lot of rubs.

    Anyways I love the amethyst with the bronze and silver:))

  3. Thanks, ladies! I was actually thinking about trying a brass brush on this but the customer likes it this way. The next time I do a mixed metal piece, I'm going to oxidize the silver first.

  4. Hello from Greece.I really love your jewllery,and i was allways thinking that is difficult to make jewllery with wire.I think need so patient.Nice design and style you have.I want to put this on my blog if u dont mind.And if u had a banner i would love to put it on my blog.

  5. Thank you, marielena! I looked at your blog and it's very nice! I would be delighted to be on it. I don't really have a banner except for the one in my Artfire shop.


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