Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 1 2011-Etched Copper Necklace

Happy New Year! I'm excited that we have a new platform for the Creative Wire Jewelry Year of Jewelry. Thanks to Micki Bleily and Dianne Karg Baron for setting it up. Everyone is welcome to participate but, if not, bookmark the link and check in regularly to see the new posts.

So here is my first submission. This was a new beginning for an old etched copper rectangle that's been hanging around the house and was pretty blah on its own. So I added lots of spirals and scrolls and paraiba quartz beads in a beautiful seafoam color. Then I created a complementary spiral link chain. Like it or not, at least it's not blah any more. :D


  1. Like it? I love it!!! The framing is very inventive, the spirals and quartz dangles completely set it off!

  2. Beautiful pendant....lovely design and colors! Sue

  3. Nancy,
    Your work is just outstanding, very creative and beautiful. Your is work is cheerful and intriguing. You are a very good teacher that I enjoy learning from. Mary Ann

  4. Thanks, Mary Ann! Sorry, I didn't get the pics up yet. I'll try tomorrow.


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