Monday, November 22, 2010

Hollow Forms Class

I took a class from Joyce Thor through the Flint Schools recently on making hollow beads. I successfully completed a couple after discovering that paste solder is the way to go after I tired of chasing little solder chips around. The ones that I made are the copper and brass tube bead in the middle of the bracelet and the little brass lentil on the end. I wanted to make bigger ones, and I might someday, but that will involve sawing-not my favorite thing-because I couldn't get my Harbor Freight disc cutter to cut larger circles from 22 gauge brass sheet, even after annealing. So after lots of pounding, I settled for making three of the little brass lentils. It was fun but I think this will remain one of those things that it's more cost efficient to buy unless you're got a super high end clientele.


  1. It's excellent you are learning such things and then you do such things!
    I admire! That tube bead is awesome with its colour and texture and is 'hit' in this beautiful bracelet!

  2. The tube bead is excellent, but I am partial to your brass lentils. Thye look yummy!


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