Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3-The Color Turquoise

The theme for this week was men's jewelry. But that didn't inspire me this week. Instead I went with a color which, according to Pantone is supposed to be the hot shade for spring 2010. I was happy about that as it already is a favorite color of mine. This necklace uses a large aqua hydro quartz drop topped with two different colors of apatite, purple amethyst, silvery blue keishi pearls, a filigree bead and a hand woven bail.

This one is a hand forged and soldered copper flower shape. I filled the center with the same blue keishi pearls and two colors of apatite. Very summery.


  1. Very nice necklaces!
    You're an artist: your works are amazing!

  2. Absolutely stunning, I love the colour theme and both pieces of jewellery!

  3. Thanks, Marzia! You're very kind.


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