Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 1-Happy New Year!

Year of Jewelry 2010 is officially underway. I was bionic Saturday and spent the day making four pairs of earrings while watching a horror movie marathon on the SyFy Channel. But none of these earrings were inspired by the movies fortunately. On the contrary, some of them are downright romantic which is unusual for someone who has been accused of not having a romatic bone in her body. :D

These are tanzanite, pink amethyst, and golden mystic quartz over a rose hydro quartz drop. The silver roses were connectors that I soldered a post to after removing one of the loops.

Smoky quartz and multi-colored spinel.

Iolite briolettes suspended from a sterling silver beaded quatrefoil.

And finally, coin pearls framed with sterling silver and beads with a pink amethyst accent.


  1. Thanks, Shay! Now to see if I can keep the momentum going.

  2. Your earrings are stunning. Especially love the wire-wrapped quatre-foil, a lovely touch.


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