Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 2-Some Copper Bracelets

I love using Kazuri beads in my jewelry. Kazuri beads are fair trade beads from Kenya. The factory is on part of the old Karen Blixen coffee plantation (remember the movie Out of Africa) and provides employment opportunities for 350 disadvantaged women who would otherwise be living in extreme poverty. I connected these beads with some coiled copper links to make a chunky and bold bracelet.

This bracelet was made by raiding my spare parts box. I connected the parts with some beautiful 12mm sea green glass beads to make kind of a fun bracelet.


  1. I adore copper and really love what you are doing with it. The kazuri beads are beautiful and it's great that they are helping the ladies of Kenya. Would like to get some. Where can they be found?

  2. Thanks, Lois! The beads are beautiful, aren't they? gives a list of authorized dealers.


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