Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 15-Key #3

I'm still on my key kick trying to decide which one would be the easiest to recreate as I'd like to do a tutorial on one. I still have one more on the drawing board. This one is a bit bigger, 2 3/8" long and 1 5/16" wide. The stones are green mystic quartz and garnet.


  1. I like your design. I wonder if i can feature this creation in

  2. I would be flattered, Jane. :D

  3. Thanks, Nancy! I will publish this on 8 May most likely. You can subscribe to email thru I hope to see your tutorial on this soon. Cheers


Sorry I had to turn off comments for a while as I was getting spammed to death. For people wondering where to get the free tutorials, they are available at Szarka's website, Click on the resources and tutorials link. Thanks, Nancy

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