Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 7-Eni Oken Style Bracelet with Pearls

The last week has been so busy I haven’t been able to get any new pieces made. Between metalsmithing class, Euchre club, a retiree's dinner, going to Ann Arbor to see my favorite band, and the death of my best friend's mom, I couldn't get much done. One thing I did do was sort through old work and inventory. Some things got recycled for scrap, some taken apart for the components, and a few things got donated to a charity. This bracelet is a rework. I made the centerpiece of this bracelet years ago early in my wire adventures from a tutorial by Eni Oken. I orginally made the bracelet with some purple jasper beads. But I never liked the way it laid so about a year ago I took it apart and replaced them with these large pearls. Then I didn’t like the closure on it plus it was too big. So this time I made a new hook and eye closure for it. It’s a pretty huge bracelet, measuring about 2 1/8″ wide so it needs to be a little snug to keep it from flopping around. I probably could have made a fancier closure but I just wanted to be able to finally wear it after all these years. So what do you all do with your older inventory?


  1. The bracelet is wonderful...the center piece just makes it, and the clasp works well with the piece. Very nice!
    I usually try to put my "older" inventory on sale, but if no dice still, then I rework it too.

  2. Nancy...i adore this bracelet...it looks very antique. As far as old inventory...it's in hiding...for the moment...but every now and then I revisit a piece mentally and start thinking up a rebuild....like you and the jasper beads...the pearls are perfect in this...just took a while for them to arrive. Will keep your friend in my thoughts. Sue♥

  3. Your center piece looks great. I did a similar attempt based on the same tutorial but I just stopped with making the 'S'.What you say is true...its a little big and chunky

  4. Thanks, Shelby! I have way too much inventory and I'm really trying to pare it down for this summer.

  5. Thanks, Divya! It is big and bold but, fortunately, I like big and bold. :D


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