Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 39-Don't Torch When You're Tired

I started this little owl guy last Thurusday at metalsmithing class. He was turning out so cute but he had one solder joint that didn't take. So I went back to the torch to resolder it and....oops. I melted part of his wing off. The moral of the story is don't solder if you're tired, in a hurry, or not too familiar with acetylene torches. LOL So now I need to figure out what I should do with him. I could try to solder another piece of wire in there. Or I could make a smaller branch out of brass wire and cover that part up with a leaf. Or I have some little carved tourmaline leaves that I could use. Opinions?


  1. If you can get the solder joints smooth, I'd try to solder? He IS super cute. Good luck with him. :D

  2. Very cute even with missing piece! I like the carved tourmaline leaves idea. I know how you feel...more than once I've fallen asleep in the middle of a late night wrap, so god forbid giving me a torch late at night!

  3. Thanks, Karyn. That is what I'd like to do but I'm askeered now. LOL

  4. I think you should leave him like that, so he will remind you the mistake that you had done..Love the metal combo nancy!

  5. Thanks, Emi! Trust me, I won't forget that mistake. :D

  6. I agree with Emi, :) His missing wing gives him character. :)



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