Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 29-Copper and Sunstone Scroll Earrings

It seems I've been in a bit of a slump the last couple of weeks and all I've accomplished is one pair of earrings. The metal is copper and the really sparkly sunstone briolettes are another one of my finds from the G&LW Show. I'm going to start describing these as "scroll", unless someone can come up with a better description, because of Google. If you want your products included in Google's Product Search, you have to learn which words they'll reject. One of the words they won't accept is "vine" along with just about any of the words used to describe different colors of quartz, such as "champagne", "whiskey", "cognac" and "beer". "Free" is another no-no word. So if you want to offer free shipping, or free gift wrap, be sure and refer to it as "complimentary". :D


  1. Amazing!!
    I've not works to describe your creations. Fantastic!

  2. You're too kind, Marzia! Thanks.

  3. One pair of earrings in several weeks - sounds familiar! If it can happen to one of the best (you!), I am somewhat excused for having my personal unbusy periods, huh? ;-)
    I love these organic scrolls! Keeps me wondering if it is just your experience, or a jig, that enables you to make such neat symmetrical doodles (pardon me for choice of word)...? Sooo lovely again!

  4. Very sweet! I like the forms. How do you get them so even? Just love copper!

  5. Thanks, Jutta! I looked at your blog and it sounds like you keep busy.
    I don't use a jig for these but I do have bail pliers in different sizes that I use to get consistent loops.

  6. Thanks, Lois! I didn't think they were that even. LOL I don't make one, then the other. I make both at the same time so I can keep comparing them.


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