Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 27-Copper Bangle

This bracelet was made from some more cool beads that I picked up at the G&LW show. They started out with a pretty torched patina on them which I, of course, ruined when I dunked the whole thing in liver of sulfur. I haven't made bangles in a while and forgot how long to make them, so this one was a little big for my wrist, hence the short clasp (or I was just too lazy to fix it).


  1. Love it Nancy!! And I especially love that awesome color only copper can get. Copper is my new found love (thanks to Mary Tucker). And I seem to notice it more than other metals these days. The various textures you have in this bangle have given this antiqued copper bangle a beautiful depth! Its gorgeous!

  2. This is really neat! New line? And btw, hello Nancy. :P


  3. Thanks, Corra! Nice to hear from you. No, not a new line-just something I haven't done in a while.

  4. Thanks, Swati! I recently did a show in a high income area and the copper was very popular there. Over the last couple of years it's been becoming more and more a legitimate fine jewelry metal.

  5. Very nice! Is there viking knit or is it something else?.. looking so intresting. :)

  6. Thanks! No viking knit in this one, just a lot of twisted and coiled wire.


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