Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week 15-Surprise-More Earrings

Since I'm already overrun with earrings, I naturally decided to make more. My friend, Deborah Gray-Wurz, procured some gorgeous pyrite briolettes for me and I used them in the first pair of earrings. I also added gems in shades of purple and violet including tanzanite, amethyst and iolite.

The second pair is olive jade with cascades of green vessuvianite, blue aquamarine and some some keishi pearls thrown into the mix.


  1. They're both beautiful!
    I have real problems wrapping briolettes like those in the first pair - do you have any tips? :D


  2. Thanks, Tracy! I secure one end of the wire by wrapping at a couple of times right above the point of the stone. I make the coils in advance with my cordless drill. So I slip a coil on the remaining wire end, make my loop and wrap it down the side of the stone. I angle it back up and wrap it around just under under the loop to secure it.

  3. Well, the both earings are beautiful and the colours smell it like flowers in this part of year :)

  4. Thanks, Raphael! We're certainly looking forward to spring here.

  5. Thanks Nancy, I must get practising!

  6. I love the color mix with the purple!


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