Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 28- Druzy and Amethyst Pendant

Ava's recent postings motivated me to dig out this little piece of druzy that I've had for years. The stone is 15mm X 20mm and it changes color from purple to peacock depending on the viewing angle. I usually wrap with dead soft wire but since I knew I couldn't tumble this I used 22 gauge square half hard instead. I find it frustrating to shape half hard wire around small pieces so I used one of Rick's Bezelforms which helped a lot in getting the the top and bottom joins even. The dangles are amethyst.


  1. Square half hard! Your poor fingers Nancy! And this is stunning!

  2. Thanks, Corra! I much prefer to work with dead soft wire.

  3. OMG....this is stunning.


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