Friday, July 10, 2009

Week 26-PITA Pendant

I have no talent for thinking up clever names for my pieces. :) In case you don't know what PITA stands for it's Pain in the A__. But this does remind me a little of a stained glass window. I actually didn't make it this week but I did put the jump ring on so you could say I finished it this week, right? I had thought about making a beaded chain for it, but after making this fiddly pendant, I ran out of motivation. The sides of the soldered square frame measure just under 1 1/4" and I used bunches of little bitty pearls, some iolite beads, and mystic quartz beads in the center.


  1. Eeekkk this is way to pretty - I am all of envious!

  2. Thanks! You could do this with your eyes closed. :D


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