Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week 19-Apatite Earrings

I have four shows coming up in the next few weeks so I've made a number of things this week but haven't gotten the pics taken yet. Plus I'm STILL trying to use up little wrapped stones from pieces that I've taken apart. So these are my homage to Courtney of Passementerie jewelry-similar style, much cheaper stones. :D The large drops are apatite. The small rondelles are apatite, blue topaz and green mystic quartz. The earwires are handmade from 21 gauge full hard sterling.


  1. I love those ear wires.

    I almost hit post without also mentioning that the earrings are lovely also.


  2. These earrings are stunning and I love the ear wires. All of your work is beautiful.


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