Monday, January 9, 2012

Taking a Break from Jewelry

After what seemed like a long (and very hot and humid) show season and the holidays over, I wanted to take a break from making jewelry and get back to something I used to enjoy doing years ago but never got good at, painting in oils. So I've gone crazy again purchasing books and DVDs and more brushes to add to my already large collection. To ease back into it, I started with a course from Kingslan, a series of little 5x7 pictures that were fun to do and didn't take a lot of time. Three of them were painted pretty much like the originals but I totally changed the background on the pansy picture, which necessitated somewhat changing the values and colors of the flowers. The little cabin was from a picture I found on a computer wallpaper site and was an exercise in taming Thalo Green. Not 100% happy with it but everything is a learning experience. Now I'm working on an original still life that I actually set up myself. That's where my jewelry photo lights came in handy. But I still don't have the confidence to draw with paint directly on the canvas so I did trace my design on it. Next I will really tackle alla prima by trying some of the DVDs I purchased from Daniel Edmondson, at least until I have to start restocking for shows.


  1. Wonderful Nancy!!!! This old world has so much to offer creative artsy people and why not sample what ever takes your fancy. I too am turning back to painting for a bit, in the form of mixed media and art journaling Loved oils, but with toddlers running around, it was hard for so many reasons. I'm happy for you! I have just started my own blog, it's ecletic. Arts, crafts, my thoughts, etc. Robin Dikos

  2. Forgot to mention...these paintings are beautiful!!! Great Job!

  3. Nancy, Your paintings show life, energy and beautiful colors. Good for you for taking a leap into a different media to learn and grow. Sometimes, our muse needs to change directions to grow and breathe. Will miss seeing your latest jewelry creations but look forward to your new journey. All the best!

  4. I didn't know you had this talent. The pots at the top really impressed me, along with the pears!

  5. Very nice paintings! You have some talent!

    I've been a (silent) fan for some time... perchance you would like to trade some new and/or slightly used oil paints or brushes for a couple tutes off your artfire? I tried oils a while back and never really got into it (I like watercolors better) and have brushes and paints just sitting in a box here...

    1. Thanks, Stacey! I'd be more than happy to do a swap with you. Email me if you want.

  6. I didn´t no that you are a good painter. This is my style of paintig. I´m a painter to but, i left painting because the people now apreciate the abstract pictures painting and i'm not so good for that. I like more paisagistic paintings and flowers to. Good work for the painting pictures there are beauty.

  7. Your paintings are beautiful. I have done some oil painting several years back. Would like to get back into it, just never seem to find enough time. But your's are absolutely beautiful. I love them all but the little cabin is my favor. It looks so peaceful.

  8. Wow Nancy, you're a talented painter. Beautiful paintings!



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