Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 17-Dancing Leaf Necklace

This necklace is my version of a spectacular silver piece in Sharilynn Miller's new book Wire Art Jewelry Workshop. She calls hers the Dancing Man necklace. Since mine was constructed to showcase a gorgeous lampwork glass leaf by Jacqueline Parkes of Gems in Bloom on Etsy and I stink at thinking up clever names, I think I'll call mine Dancing Leaf necklace. :D My necklace is made of bronze wire with paraiba quartz and labradorite as the main stones. It's accented with smaller gems of paraiba quartz, iolite, pearl and chrysoprase that pick up the colors in the leaf.


  1. Nice necklace! i like the pendant! Great job!...Daniel

  2. Beautiful piece Nancy....well balanced...nice colors!

  3. Hello Nancy, I found your work when I Googled Labradorite pics. Your jewelry is amazing, do you sell it online? I see you're in Michigan, but I'm on the East Coast so I wouldn't be able to see it at the fairs you have listed.


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