Monday, May 31, 2010

World's Largest Underpants

I did the art and craft show at the Alma Highland Festival this weekend. My dad, age 87, was the oldest veteran marching in the parade. You rock, Dad! It was very hot but there was a great crowd and I did almost double what I did last year which was very encouraging. I hope the rest of the summer follows the same trend for all of us. My next door neighbor was Crystal Wilson, a talented tie-dye artist. I'm old enough to remember doing tie-dye back in the sixties but Crystal has taken tie-dye to a whole new level. The most fun I had all weekend was hearing people's reactions to her size 100 tie-dyed underpants. If you can't live without a pair of these giant undies, you can contact Crystal at (989) 875-6175.

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