Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 9-Class Project-Woven Copper Bangle

I was asked by the Flint Schools to teach some wire jewelry classes that specifically used weaving as a technique. We first made earrings, then a pendant, all with different weaves. The third and final project was a woven bangle bracelet and this is the bracelet I made in the class. 16 and 26 gauge copper wire with a lampwork lentil bead.


  1. Very nice bracelet!
    I love this green bead.

  2. Very 'neat' as in tidy work, a lovely piece of jewellery, I really like the weave, the scrolls and the centre bead.

  3. Bracelet IS very tidy, especially since you did it IN class while teaching others! I've never seen a misplaced wire on your pieces Nancy

  4. Hi, i like very muck in did. The work on it is perfect and very creative. Congratulations for the bracelet design. Beautiful

  5. Thanks, Mary! I HAD to make one in class. Even though I do a tutorial, some people just have to see it done in person.


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