Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 46-Vine Earrings

These are some soldered shapes that I pulled out of my spare parts box. I embellished them with fine silver vines and added a small amethyst briolette and a larger mystic quartz briolette as a dangle. The mystic quartz has a purple reflection in the right light.


  1. I love your jewelry, even just those soldered shapes you pull out of your spare parts box. I could use a spare parts box like that!

  2. Thanks, KJ! That's what I do when I'm not inspired - I make parts and components, ear wires, links, shapes, etc., and throw them in a box and hope I'll use them someday. :D

  3. I love how you have done it, Nancy! Your wirework is so very neat and these don't look like components pulled from a spare parts box.


  4. Beautiful work Nancy. I can always recognize your work and I think I love it all!


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