Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 22-Flower Medallion

I've never seen Edward Scissorhands so I'm going to ignore that theme as well. There are a couple bugs in this design that need to be fixed and I'm not 100% happy with the bail. But I'm thinking about using this for a class project and maybe doing a tutorial. Someone experienced with wire will be able to figure it out by looking at it but I'm hoping it might make an interesting project for an intermediate wireworker. This one is 1 3/8" wide but I want to make some smaller ones for earrings. Thanks for looking.


  1. Yes, definitely write a tutorial on this one. I think this pendant is wonderful.
    Kristin :)

  2. This is lovely, thank you for sharing it!


Sorry I had to turn off comments for a while as I was getting spammed to death. For people wondering where to get the free tutorials, they are available at Szarka's website, Click on the resources and tutorials link. Thanks, Nancy

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