Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week 7-Corpse Bride

I haven't seen the movie Corpse Bride but I did look at the trailer online and I thought the stormy colors in this pendant definately fit the theme. The stone is blue pearl, also known as larvakite. It has an icy blue chatoyancy similar to labradorite. The setting was a moderately successful experiment in how to set the stone with a netted or viking knit bezel on both the front and back. I put the beads on the frame not only for adornment but to help me get my stitches even. It worked for the most part but I still ended up with two stitches on the right side too close together. The little beads and coiled scallops were inspired by Perri's bead caps. If I had to do it over again, I would have left off a row of Viking knit so it didn't cover up so much of the stone.


  1. I can only dream to be able to wrap the way you did it with this pendant - it's absolutely gorgeous! :o)

  2. Thank you, Poranna! It will come. Two years ago I would have thought the same thing. :D

  3. I saw the movie The Corpse Bride - well worth a view. Your beautifully wrapped pendant does indeed remind me of the dark hues of the movie.

  4. You are too cool Nancy! I had to come and check out your blog. You make beautiful things and I am happy to have met you!

    I don't know if you know that I have a blog too! Here is the link.

    I will check you out again sometime.

    Catherine Witherell


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