Monday, January 26, 2009

YOJ Week 5-Embroidered Cuff

The theme for week 5 was the Bronze Age. When I did some research on jewelry of the bronze age, I found that they were pretty accomplished jewelers and used techniques such as filigree, granulation, repoussee, and lost wax casting. Since I can't do any of that stuff, I just went back to wire. The basis for this cuff is from a tutorial by Julie Sigmund of jewliebeads. Then I was further inspired by Perri's Week 4 piece to up the ante on the embellishments. I found out that it's harder to do than it looks without distorting the weave underneath. The cuff is made of copper and the coiling is 30 gauge silver. I used a large labrodorite bead in the center and tiny apatite and peridot beads for the embellishment.


  1. Wow, I simply love this cuff, very pretty indeed. You did a really good job! And thanks to you, I have seen the work of Julie which I was not familiar with.
    Eni Oken
    Online Community for Jewelry Makers

  2. Thanks, Eni! I hadn't seen Julie's work either until recently, and I really enjoyed her tutorial.

  3. God, this is one of a kind! very beautiful cuff, beads and work!

  4. Hi, I love your blog, thought I'd let you know I've picked you for the Lemonade Award. See my blog for details.

    Keep writing!

  5. Whew! That's a killer bracelet Nancy. That would of been a good one for the wedding.



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